Building A Chicken Coop by Bill Kenne-Expectation vs Reality

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Raising a chicken has become popular at this present. Most people doing this

activity because they can get egg and meat for their family with small budget only.

However, there are small problem you must think first before started

to raising your own chicken...

You need to build a nice chicken coop as a home for your chicken.

There are so much guides about chicken coops you can find out there

but most of them just for expert only.

I was doing a searching for chicken coops information and suddenly found

one interesting sites that should be meet my requirement.

The site was Building a chicken Coops By Bill Kene's

What is Building a Chicken Coop it self?

Building a chicken Coop is a complete instructional Guide about

how to build your own Chicken Coop not in month but just in days only.

This Product also offers detailed instructions for building several

different types of chicken coop designs, from small coops (4 chickens ) to chicken tractors or even large coop structures that can accommodate dozens of chickens.

The creator, Bill Kenne's is a Poultry farming specialist & seasoned pro craftsman.

Bill specifically designed this product just for the absolute beginner.

In addition, you can learn how to build a chicken coop without having

to decipher any convoluted jargon or struggle with trying to use expert-level tools.

The Secret because Building a Chicken Coop provides you with detailed,

step-by-step chicken coop plans in full color, and it also lays out very simple scale dimensions & diagrams so that even a child could follow along without a problem.

I can easily said that cause i had been try several instruction inside this product to build a simple chicken coop.

building a chicken coop

Here is My Chicken Coops Project that i Build for my Lovely Chicken.

See how Easy to Build Simple Chicken Coops that i learn from this Product..

Example Model of Building a Chicken Coop

Here is some model of chicken coop that you can found inside this product:

medium size building a chicken coop

Raw Model of chicken coop

What i  Like from Building a Chicken Coop

building a chicken Coops

I have already collected more information about something that i like

and i didn't like around building a chicken coop..​

This is my own personal opinion that i get after purchase this product

and  practice each instruction and guide.

Here is a short list of nice features that I like,in Building a Chicken Coop Package:

  • Cheap Guide with complete feature inside
  • ​Flexible Blueprint to Suit your Needs
  • Easy to Understands
  • Complete Poultry Raising Guide Included
  • Saves time and Money
  • Great Bonus
  • 60 days Money Back Guaranteed

What I Don't Like from Building a Chicken Coop

Don't wish if you can get a nice instructional video inside building a chicken coop package cause this product only give you detailed picture and image.

After purchase, you will be redirect to member page area where you can

download main guide and Bonus E-book.

And also if you are a complete beginners, than you maybe find any issue

for building your own chicken coop for the first time.

But if you want to learn & study well than i bet it might be not a big problem for you

building a chicken coop

Extra Bonus if you Purchase Today

If you take action today &buy Building a chicken coop than you should be legitimate to get this time limited bonus..

This Bonus will help you much to build your own Business


The Cheapest Materials to Build Your Coop

  • Discover how to make a quality chicken coop for lowest cost possible
  • Learn why some common cheap materials can end up costing you in the long run
  • Learn the secret you must do to a chipboard coop so it does not rot away

The Best Materials for the Ground

  • Discover what the best material is for making an easy to clean chicken house
  • Learn the problems with having dirt floors and how you can easily fix them
  • Learn how to control the climate, ventilation and appearance using different floor structures

How to Build Nesting Boxes for Free Out of Common Materials

  • Learn to Build a nesting box second hand furniture
  • Discover my Favorite way for building a cheap easy nesting box
  • Discover how to build a nesting Box out of the food packaging you throw away

Find Best Position for Your Chicken Coops

  • Learn how to position your coop to prevent dampness and rotting
  • Learn how to position your coop to get the correct amount of sun, heat and light
  • Discover how to provide propper ventilation to prevent harmful ammonia and C02 build up

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My Conclusion

This product is a must have product for farmers cause it offer the most comprehensive guide's that should be ensure your chickens to stay fit and healthy.

If you did not have much money that this guides is also perfect for you.

You can find cheap materials out there and save 50% more compare if you buying a pre-cut or

pre-fabricated chicken coops

The Plans inside the Building a Chicken Coop Program are Customize so it should be fit

with your requirement and budget.

It is suitable for beginners as well as Professional. It offer great value for money so you should be

invest your precious money in the right spot.


Good Stuff

  • Easy to Build Plans
  • No Special Tools Needed
  • Flexible design
  • Affordable Price

Bad Stuff

  • Digital format
  • Need Efforts
  • Only Image available

I've just been told, Building a Chicken Coop is currently running a huge promotion.

Normally it sells for over $97, Bill have slashed that price down to $29.95…for now.

I’m told the price is going back up within a matter of days.

So if you’re at all interested, Now is the time to build your own Chicken Coops:

Visit Building a Chicken Coop Now!!